Vinyl Flooring Self-adhesive PVC Plank Sheets and Marble Grid 1.8 mm Floor Mat

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1.8MM Vinyl PVC Flooring Plank Sheets Wooden Design
Size: 914.4mm x 152.4mm x 1.8 (±0.3mm)
Price for 1 Piece,
--1m² need 7.2 Pieces,
--5m² need 36 pieces ,
(1m²= 10.76391ft² )
* m² =square meter / ft²= square feet
-Pls kindly Measure Area Size and Calculation Correct Qty before purchasing !!
( Recommend Purchasing Extra few pieces for Spare DIY use . )

Green environmental protection.
Super wear resistance.
Impact resistance.
Moisture protection.
Flame retardant and easy to clean.

Home, Hotel, School, Hospital, Office, Shopping Center, Recreation Club etc.
family. Hotel. Hotel. SCHOOL. plant. hospital. office. office. shopping. Recreation and other ground decorations