Computer Monitor Stand with Side Organiser Shelf

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Dimensions: Refer listing pic.

Product benefits/advantages:
- Helps in maintaining a 180 degree visual angle which is good for your eyes
- Maintains correct sitting posture, relaxes and reduces pressure on your cervical vertebra

2. Powerful storage
- Increases table top usable space by 50%, 2-3 tiers design creates independent division of upper and lower spaces
- Enhances working efficiency

3. Safe and environmental
- Safe E1 environmental standard material, paint-free craftsmanship

4. Thickened & reinforced material
- Went through load-bearing test, improved body is now more sturdy and durable

5. Edge technology
- Bright and accurate colours, smoothed corners, refined edges, no burr, does not hurt the hand

6. Flat, smooth and meticulous board surface
- Heat-resistant, does not deform
- Anti-scratch, wear-resistant
- Waterproof, ease in cleaning

7. Quality hardware accessories
- Does not rust or deform easily, prolonging its service life

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