2/3 Tiers Washing Machine Rack Toilet rack storage shelf

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Model : Washing machine rack ( suitable machine width less than 64cm )

2 Tiers Washing machine Rack ( Suitable Front load and Top Load washing machine )
size : pls refer listing pic .
Color : White / Black

3 Tiers Washing machine Rack ( Suitable Front load washing machine ONLY )
size : Pls refer listing pic.
Color : White only

Now you can place your laundry essentials just above your washing machine.
Easily within reach, saves time and effort to do your laundry!


3 tier Toilet Rack ( Black / white )

Size can refer listing pic

Toilet rack with free towel hook and toilet paper hanger

Toilet Rack Space Saver Organizer
Size : 50*26*158cm
Suitable for toilet bowels width less than 46cm.

Make full use of the huge empty space above your toilet bowl!
Usually left blank and unused, now you can place many items above the toilet bowl, without it hindering usage of the toilet!

Elegant, simple and practical, it will amaze you at how many items you can place in your toilet.
Comes with free toilet paper holder and towel hanging rack which can be attached to the main frame!

2 frame colours to choose from: BLACK or WHITE.

Rack Frame: STEEL

Elegant, simple and practical.

Rack Frame: STEEL